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There are times when people come to me for advice regarding their computer or laptop.

Most of the time the questions I get are :

” Hey, could you please explain to me why my computer is running so hot?”


“Hey, what do you think the reason could be for my computers fan turning so loudly and constantly running?”

Well, first off my response is always : Well when last has it been serviced?

Most of the time people always wonder what do I mean by that.

In order to prolong the life of your beloved device, the general rule of thumb when it comes to computers and laptops is that they should be serviced at least once every 1 – 1.5 years.

This might seem excessive , but I do indeed have my reasons.

Firstly, all computers contain moving parts. Similar to a car, on a much smaller scale. (Lets say)

You have your cooling system, which includes a heat-sink, fan, copper or aluminum piping and last but not least – Thermal pads and/or thermal paste.

You also have what is known as a power supply and a hard drive.

The power supply I would like to think of it as a car battery.

The hard drive I feel could suit the title of the engine.

Now I’m not going to go into detail why I’ve given them these titles because this post would turn into a lengthy discussion about cars. (Lol)

Now, the reason why I say that a service should be done at least once a year is due to the fact that everyone’s surroundings are different. One area could be prone to moisture whilst another areas  known for dust.

At this point, most technicians don’t really know what your surroundings are like unless we actually ask you.

But one thing I can say for certain is that once we open it up, we definitely have a general idea.

We can even tell if your’e a smoker or not. True story!

What I would also like to add is that most people don’t really care where they placing their laptop or computer.

As long as it works right?

However, eventually nature will take its toll and dust and debris fills up your computer to the point where nothing is breathing, there is no ventilation and the device overheats or starts playing up.

At this point I get the “frantic” calls where I get told that the device wont boot up, its running slow or its just not working the way it used to. I also get told that they need it urgently for work and when can they bring it in?

I might add that they usually always end the conversation with I did nothing to it at all!

… Well that is the problem right there.

You haven’t done anything to the device since you’ve had it and it’s finally given it’s last breath.

I know I’m referring back to the car context, but imagine not servicing your car which gets you from A – B and you wonder why it no longer wants to start one day, or the engine overheats.

The same would apply to most electronic devices.

Cooling and ventilation is vital to almost any electronically charged device.

Your computer also contains something called thermal paste.

Thermal paste has the sole purpose of dissipating heat. It sits between the Central processing unit and the heat sink. Followed by the fan.

Depending on the quality or brand of thermal paste that has been used on the device, eventually it becomes hard and no longer serves it’s purpose.

I would say at this time, it would be the right time to service your computer or laptop.

Also, on another note – Laptop and Computer fans run on copper and bearings. Eventually the bearings can cease to function.

It’s not very common, but I cant say I’ve never had a job booked in for a fan replacement either.

Anyway, this is my first post on my page if you are interested in finding out more, you can always message me at or just give me a call.

Unfortunately due to time constraints, I have to cut this post short.

I hope this was somewhat informative, and gave some people better insight if one of these issues ever had to occur.


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